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Tips to Deal With Numbness in the Feet

Numbness in the feet is a condition characterized by a feeling of little to no sensation. When you walk on a surface which is either cold or hot, the coldness or hotness of the surface relays to your body and you feel the temperature of the surface. Numbness in the feet causes you to feel nothing of this sort even if you are walking on frigid land or a boiling one. This condition may either be temporary or a result of a chronic condition. Diabetes is one of the leading causes of numbness in the feet. Seek medical attention as soon as you feel that you are suffering from this condition. Here are a few treatment tips to help you deal with numbness in your feet.

Treatment for numbness in the feet
If you are suffering from numbness in feet, it is likely that you may suffer from imbalance. Work with a physical therapist to develop a balancing program that will help you reduce your likelihood of falling. You can also carry a cane with you. You can improve blood flow to the affected nerves by performing some simple exercises and movements that do not irritate the numbness in feet. It is crucial to treat the numbness in feet as it increases your likelihood of suffering from foot wounds, falls and trips. You may get a cut on your foot and not realize it. Your wounds may not heal as quickly as well due to reduced circulation to your feet. Treat the underlying cause of the numbness and the symptoms should go away soon. The longer you delay your treatment, the worse will the symptoms get. Here are a few tips you should keep in mind.

  • You can put a mirror on the floor so that you can inspect your soles easily.
  • Inspect your feet for wounds and cuts on a regular basis.
  • Wear shoes that fit well. This helps protect your feet from the possibility of getting wounded.

Numbness in the feet is a serious condition as its symptoms can also be progressive. If the condition is temporary, it will go away soon, but if it is caused due to an underlying condition like diabetes, the likelihood of it lasting is much higher. You may start losing sensation in your feet with the progression of time. Seek medical attention immediately as it may help delay or slow down the numbness in your feet.

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