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The Best Counter Depth Refrigerators In The Market

Refrigerators are a need of every home and when it comes to buying counter depth refrigerators, a large number of options are available for customers in the country. Below listed are some of the best counter depth refrigerators which are available in the country and can be purchased either online or by visiting the nearby retail seller in your city or town.

  • Samsung RF18HFENBSR
    This is one of the best counter depth refrigerators which can be purchased for a price of around $1249 from multiple online options in the country. This refrigerator offers 18 cubic feet of space and a range of flexible options when it comes to storing food. The refrigerator also comes with a filtered ice maker and a twin cooling system which keeps food fresh for longer. The look of the kitchen also gets enhanced with the counter depth refrigerator design, the sleek built-in style also blends in with the cabinetry. Function and styling are also added to the design. This counter depth refrigerator also comes with 18 cubic feet capacity French door which can store up to 18 bags of groceries. The automatically filtered ice maker offers convenient access to ice and also provides filtered ice cubes. The LED lighting feature ensures that the refrigerator is brightly lit and all corners of the same have an equal amount of light so that the overall feel of the refrigerator remains aesthetic and even a person with low light vision is able to use the refrigerator effectively. The refrigerator is also equipped with surrounding air flow which helps in maintaining optimal temperature and ensures that air circulates evenly throughout. This refrigerator from Samsung also comes with two crisper drawers which keep your food fresh and crisp and also provide ideal storage space for the produce.
  • KitchenAid KRFC300ESS
    This refrigerator is also ranked among the best counter depth refrigerators in the country and at around $1799, this is one of the preferred counter depth refrigerators in the country. The 20 cubic foot refrigerator is much popular among the users and comes with extending fresh temperature management system which uses the sensors in a refrigerator and ensures that food remains fresh for long. This refrigerator is also equipped with interior water dispenser which provides easy access to filtered water. The crisper in this refrigerator is humidity controlled which ensures that the users not only get adjustable humidity control design but the refrigerator also provides dedicated storage option which keeps the food fresh for long. An automatic ice maker is another distinct feature of KitchenAid counter depth refrigerator which ensures that you get a constant supply of ice on hand all the time. The refrigerator comes with a LED lighting feature which makes sure that all parts of the refrigerator are amply lit. Moreover, these have been designed in such a manner that you will not need to replace these and they are also maintenance free which will make them last forever.
  • Jenn Air JFC2290REM
    This is one of the counter depth refrigerators which is available in the country and can be purchased online. This refrigerator has a sleek integrated look and comes with an internal water dispenser. Jenn Air counter depth refrigerator is also equipped with tri-sensor electronic climate control feature which is inclusive of a sensor in the fresh food and freezer compartment. It also has an external ambient air temperature sensor which provides consistent climate control. The automatic ice maker with a storage bin is also one of the features of Jenn Air refrigerator which ensures that fresh and filtered ice is always available even on a short notice. Adjustable glass shelves, automatic adaptive defrost, and max cold options are some of the other innovative features of this counter depth refrigerator which makes it much popular among the users.

Check out the features of these counter depth refrigerators before you make your final choice and buy the best of the lot from the online store or from the nearest retail dealer.

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