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Introduction to Beats headphones

Headphones were invented in 1881 for the use of telephone operators. The very first model was merely functional but freed the operator’s hand, which was the main requirement. It would be difficult to believe today that the first models sat on the operator’s shoulders and weighed around 10 lbs. As industries and technologies developed and found way into sound reproduction, improved materials, and miniaturization of components, headphones with improved sound qualities also were realized. From the ten-pound shoulder breaking behemoths, they were metamorphosed into invisible plugs that sat discreetly in the ear canal. The twentieth century saw many technological breakthroughs like high-fidelity sound, dynamic headphones, stereo sound headphones portability, and miniaturization in the form of in-ear earphones, etc. By the late twentieth century, design started gaining importance. Improved sound reproduction and lighter stronger materials started to impose demands for better sound, aesthetics in designs, comfort, and sound isolation

It was in 2008 that Dr. Dre, a rap enthusiast and creator of quite a few famous groups, and his associate at Interscope records, Jimmy Iovine, came together and decided to change the way music is reproduced in headphones. They roped in Monster Cable, with decades of experience in speaker and AV manufacturing. Dr Dre gave the engineers a new perspective on sound reproduction in headphones. He wanted people to hear music the way an artist heard it. The engineers achieved this by wizardry in hardware and software. High efficiency drivers and magnetic technology boosted the volume without the distortion or interference giving a boost to the bass hitherto without sacrificing the mid and treble performance. Sound cancellation technology made sure that music lovers could isolate themselves using over-the-head earphones from the surroundings and enjoy their music as long as the wanted. The high bass produced less hearing fatigue.

The designers made sure that the products were very elegant that they admirably met the customers needs and went beyond the limit to create a need for the brand. They ensured that Beats became one of the leading brands of headphones available in the US. It is head hugging and incredibly comfortable. The headphones come in a variety of colors including blue, black, white, and red. These headphones have great flexibility, no sound leakage, and it always give you a crisp, clear quality of sound. Beats headphones are great to mute out the outside world. They are of a good size and easily portable.

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