How fragrances and perfumes originated?

Fragrance is a sweet, pleasant smell. It originates from multiple places and sources food, flowers, plants, perfumes, deodorants, aftershave, talc powder, wall papers, room fresheners etc. Anything that catches your senses smoothly and makes your senses feel nice and pleasant can be termed as fragrance.

What is fragrance?
There are varieties of fragrances that have a sweet odor in nature. Nature is the mother of all the pleasant things in the world. Nature has a natural fragrance attached to all its creations. This sweet smell can soothe your mind and soul, calming the nerves and it has a lot more qualities. Some say fragrance is psychosomatic, but in reality, it depends from one person to another. What is a fragrant smell for one may not be for the other person, hence it’s purely perceptional. Also something will smell pleasant or otherwise depends on the mood of a person. Not all the time one would consider a particular type of smell as pleasant one. Since we are thinking it cannot be pleasant for everyone, the question of what constitutes as fragrance is probably even more difficult to answer.

Universal fragrance
So, is there a smell which is universally fragrant for every living being on the earth? Partially yes, since across the world, the scents of lavender, jasmine, rose etc. are considered commonly pleasant, even though all of these might have a slight change in flavor and scent depending upon where they are grown and where they originate from.

Fragrance according to geographies and terrains
Geographically, the surroundings matter and contribute to the fragrances a lot. It could be termed as locally acclaimed fragrance. Local folks always feel that they have the best fragrances around them. In fact, there are even jobs created in some part of the world where one’s job is to smell the fragrances and submit a report. In general, it can be termed as market research to understand what is mostly going to be a hit as a good fragrance, if it is officially launched in the market. To attract the best of and most of the customers around the world, a research is conducted in specific geographical areas. Water, soil and air makes plenty of difference for produced fragrant products. Scientifically, there are lab tests conducted too to understand and study fragrances. Everything is carefully considered while testing in labs, and it is the most fragrant product makes it way into market.

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