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Different Brands Sold by Costco Hearing Aids Centres

Power of hearing is god gifted. Due to long exposure to loud noise or aging can lead to loss of hearing capability. Scientists have developed a hearing aid which is a small amplifying device made to improve the hearing power of a person by making sound audible to the person with loss of hearing. There are many hearing aid providers in the country. One such big name is Costco, the biggest hearing aid provider in the country. According to research, 11 percent of market share of hearing aids provider is captured by Costco and they are increasing this percentage by 20 percent every year. Costco hearing aids are multiplying at a very fast pace since their development in 1998. There is a list of top hearing brands in the country that are available in Costco hearing aid centers with their sole benefits.

GN ReSound
This is a topmost hearing aid brand in the country sold at Costco centers. It gives the high capability of hearing to a person with disabled hearing and a clearer understanding of speech. ReSound launched its Forte Hearing aid at Costco in 2017 with two styles of hearing aids i.e. BehindtheEar (BTE) and Receiverincanal (RIC). To personalize your experience, they have a launched a smart 3D app with a direct connection to your iPhone that helps you to stay in touch and enjoy life at fullest.

Key Benefits

  • There is better speech clarity in a noisy environment too.
  • Sound quality is comfortable and clear to hear.
  • It makes you personalize your hearing preferences.

This is one of the consumer’s top choices in hearing aids providers. They are the fourth sellers of hearing aid at Costco centers. The company had launched Brio hearing aid in 2014 with Costco and now they had released Brio 2 with Behind the ear (BIT) and Receiver In Canal (RIC) styles. Brio 2 is made with more intelligent capabilities that are aimed to make listening easy. It will adjust the hearing capability in real time to match the sound environment you have.

Key benefits:

  • Phonak devices make listening capability easy.
  • They offer a wide range of personalized wireless accessories
  • Phonak listening treatment comes in the various form of models.

The latest manufacturing of both ReSound and Phonak is nearly the same but the same doesn’t go with Rexton. It is recently launched at Costco hearing aid centers. Rexton is a sister company to Signia. The hearing aids styles include Custom, BTE as well as RIC.

Key benefits

  • It gives better support for hearing in any environment.
  • It automatically enhances speech capability in a crowded place.
  • Their features include Music enhancer for better music hearing capability.

This is one of the oldest manufacturers of hearing aids at Costco. The recent launch by Bernafon is Zerena which is available in Behind the ear(BIT) and Receiver in canal(RIC) styles with various custom styles too. Their devices have a direct connection with the iPhone for making a wonderful and clear hearing experience. Their connectivity is made possible with the company’s exclusive EasyControl-A app.

Key Benefits

  • They offer seamless and boundless hearing.
  • They offer to enhance speech understanding in a noisy situation.
  • It easy to communicate with a wide range of Bluetooth devices.

Using a hearing aid do not resolve your hearing loss but it improves the power of hearing significantly. The first and foremost benefit of having it is you hear better and doesn’t need things to be repeated twice especially for you. It gives you the power to hear low sounds with clear understanding. This mainly aims at improving a person social, physical and phycological wellness. A person with a hearing impairment if uses a hearing aid feels good about themselves and wants to attend more social gatherings. It makes a person feel confident, secure and increases the ability to perform better at work. It assists COPD patients to frame a long-lasting relationship.

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