• Bed Bugs
    How to find bed bugs

    If you typically find infestation of bed bugs at your residence, then it is better to find and get rid of it early on before it starts to spread. Treating the bed bug problem at the starting stages could make it easier and economically viable to treat and get rid of. During later stages, the same infestation turn out to be not only expensive but also harder to battle with. However, bed bugs are challenging to identify and not taking care of the problem immediately could give the bugs the time and opportunity to spread throughout the house. Some insects like carpet beetles look similar and can easily mistake to identify. Listed below are ways to identify bed bugs and bed bug bites:

    How to identify bed bug bites
    Bed bug bites mostly look like bites of other insects like chiggers and mosquitoes. Rashes too look similar to fungal infections, hives or eczema. The only greater proof is actually experiencing while the bug bites you on the skin.
    – One can accurately identify the bed bug problem with the physical signs of the infestation. For instance, a space in the house or bedding has not been cleaned or changed for a long time.
    – One can also look for eggshells which would probably be 1mm in size or dark spots which are bed bug excrements.
    – When bed bugs are not feeding, they are usually found around the bed corners, near the seams, piping and tags of the coat or cracks on the mattress or the headboard. If the room is heavily crowded with furniture, they can be seen on the couches, seams of the chair or in-between cushions and folds of the curtains.
    – They could also be breeding near electrical boxes or appliances.
    – One could even find them near wall hangings, painting not cleaned for a long time, or the ceiling joints. They can squeeze into anything as they are really small and are experts at hiding themselves during the day time.

    Bed bug acts and habits
    Knowing how bed bugs eat, live and reproduce helps us understand their nature of habits and makes it easier to monitor their presence before they firmly establish themselves in the host’s house.
    – Bed bugs usually travel approximately 520 feet from their hiding location
    – They are primarily active at night but if they are hungry, they will come out of their hiding spaces no matter what the time, and even in broad daylight.
    – They prefer to feed on humans but mammals and birds are also part of their meals.
    – The feeding duration can be from 312 minutes.
    – The tarry spots or rusty on the bedspread could be the places where the bug hides.

    After understanding how bed bugs work, undertaking bed bug pest control is the best thing that works effectively for bed bugs’ elimination.

  • Bed Bugs
    Bed bug pest control

    The Cimex Lectularius, commonly known as bed bugs, is a pest that feeds on the blood, which causes itchy bites to appear on the skin and generally irritate the human hosts. The government agencies such as the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), the EPA (The Environmental Protection Agency), and the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) have all acknowledged bed bugs has pests and a threat to public health. However, bed bugs are not known to spread diseases, but rather create other public health issues. Their only meal is blood, and so each individual has different responses to bed bug bites. Hence, it is vital to pay attention to control and prevent bed bugs.

    Basics of bed bugs
    Bed bugs are usually flat, are reddish to brown in color, oval in shape, and usually measure up to four to five mm long, approximately the size of an apple seed. They look swollen, especially after having feasted on blood. Bed bugs can survive up to a year without meals. They feed on blood only and have got two skins, since they shed their skin when they grow to be an adult. They are more active at night time, especially when the host is sleeping.

    Where bed bugs appear
    Bed bugs usually appear and are seen in crevices and cracks, which include mattress seams, furniture, bedspreads, behind headboards, coat racks, electrical outlet plates, and photo frames. They are often found at hotels, especially during peak travel time when they travel “room to room” through luggage or other personal belongings.

    Signs of bedbug bites
    Bed bug bites are similar of those caused by mosquitoes. It is quite difficult to prove it is a bed bug bite until one finds the bed bug. Some of the common symptoms of a bed bug bite include burning and itching, puffed skin, red welts, red rashes across the area, and multiple straight lines of the bites.

    Identifying and destroying bed bugs
    If an individual was able to identify a bed bug bite and wants to protect his/her home from multiple troubles, then the best thing to do would be to get in pest control experts who will properly fumigate for bed bugs. Pest control experts first carefully inspect the space, then spray the medicine and also give people proper guidance. It is better to consult with pest management services which use government-approved chemicals (which includes free re-treatment in case the first assignment did not work well) and trained professionals, which will provide quick relief and maximum protection to those facing this problem.

  • Bed Bugs
    How to tackle bed bugs with sprays

    Bed bugs are a problem that one never wishes to face even a minor version of in their lives any time. The flat, oval-shaped, brown-reddish colored wingless bugs are less than 7mm long, but when the problem occurs, they appear in large numbers where size doesn’t matter. The average female bedbug can deposit up to five eggs a day and can lay over 200 to 500 eggs in a lifetime. They can live over 300 days under normal room temperature with adequate food.

    The only way to get rid of a bed bug infestation is to use bed bug sprays which contain a variety of chemicals which tend to destroy the creatures. With the wide variety of bed bug sprays available in the market today, one needs certain kind of knowledge about bed bug sprays before using them.

    Usually, bed bug sprays are divided as artificial and natural sprays. Professional sprays are highly recommended than the organic ones because of their long-term staying power and enduring killing effect which works even after they dry. It is important to spray the chemicals where the insects usually hide, mostly inside the floor cracks, corners and under the skirting boards. Listed below are some of the natural and professional bed bug sprays best sellers.

    Artificial Chemical Sprays
    Pyrethrin “ Pyrethroid-based bed bug sprays are the most popular and effective chemical sprays. This can directly attack the nerve cells and cause multiple nerve excitation and leads to the insect’s paralysis and then to death. According to the EPA (The United States Environmental Protection Agency), the registered effective ingredients for bed bug restraint comprise 16 pyrethrins and pyrethroids, 4 neonicotinoids, 3 inorganic compounds, alcohol, DDVP (dichlorvos), chlorfenapyr, propoxur, S-hydroprene and neem oil.

    Insect Growth Regulators “ One can also use IGRs (Insect growth regulators), of which an active ingredient is Hydroprene. It poisons the insects directly and has high level of enduring effect which destroys insects even after several days.

    Natural Sprays
    Bed Bug Killer by EcoRaider “ This spray can kill bed bug contact organically. Since it is an organic product, it can take a week or two to destroy the infestation completely. However, it literally kills bedbugs, even those at larval stage and the adult stage, with a two-week residual effect. Direct spraying is important. This spray is even available in travel size, enabling one to carry it on trips as well. In fact, the Entomological Society of America’s journal publication confirmed that Bed Bug Killer by EcoRaider is the most effective bed bug killer.

  • Bed Bugs
    Bed bugs problems and treatment

    Bed bugs are these small, almost like a mustard seed like oval, brownish insects which survive on the blood of humans or animals. Nymphs (immature bed bugs) usually shed five times of their skin to reach adulthood and they require copious amounts of blood before each shedding. They can’t fly but can move around the floor, ceiling, and walls at a very fast speed. They are probably known has the bed bugs because they are most seen in residential homes or commercial office inside the soft furnishes of sofas, near the window rails and around bed mattresses. They can develop up to three or more generations in a year depending upon their living. The active time for the bed bugs is few hours before sunrise, and they are hardly seen during the day. Feeding can happen from two minutes to five minutes (sometimes we can feel the itch almost at the end).

    Bed bug problems
    Bed bugs don’t transmit diseases but create greater troubles for the human skin.

    One of the obvious signs of bed bug trouble is the bed bug bites which mostly occur during the night. Human skin turns to reddish/brown after the bite, and one can experience bad odor emanating from them too
    Bugs and eggs can be noticed inside the bed linens, seams, tufts of the mattresses, coat racks, desks, and even dressers.

    People also begin to get sensitive to bedbug saliva as they develop lesions akin to flea bites or mosquito bites. They won’t be able to see the bug but just rather feel the insect bite.

    One could even notice bed bugs bites in rows “ this is probably because of disturbed feeding process of the bugs and they later get back to the same position to feed themselves.

    While the bites are usually painless, if an individual becomes their host for many days, the host could slowly acquire moderate to intense allergies as well.

    Treatment for bites and control infestation
    Most bed bug bites would settle within a week or two with the following solutions:

    Creams like cortisone can provide relief from the itchiness. If an infection is because of bedbug bite, then an oral antibiotic is also a solution.

    Antihistamines are the other option to provide relief from allergic reactions.

    During the day, they usually hide and it is not so easy to find them. Moreover, it is not just one or two in number.

    The only way to get rid of bedbugs is by using bed bug sprays or get a professional pest control service done on and around the affected areas.

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