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    9 things to consider while choosing truck tires

    Trucks are among the largest vehicles plying on roads, weighing around 80,000 pounds and transporting heavy loads and potentially hazardous cargo. They often travel long distances and navigate through bad weather conditions along their route, putting the driver and cargo at risk of injury and damage. One way to prevent mishaps is to use good quality truck tires. Here are a few crucial factors to consider while buying tires for trucks.

    Type of terrain
    Tires for commercial trucks are usually designed considering the terrain on which they will be used. For instance, while some tires are manufactured for smooth highways, others are built for rough urban routes. If you use tires designed for the highways on rocky urban terrain, their tread might scrape off sooner, demanding a change. So, always consider your most frequented routes when buying tires to avoid unnecessary expenses.

    Weight rating
    This is one of the most simple yet important factors to consider when buying truck tires. A tire’s weight or load rating, typically found on the sidewall, indicates the maximum weight it can bear when inflated to its highest pressure. Always pay special attention to this rating and ensure it is compatible with your truck and the load.

    Like other products in the market, tires come with a warranty. It can save you from paying extra to fix manufacturing defects or other problems within the set timeframe. Most major manufacturers provide a warranty period of seven years and three retreads. This period can differ based on the company you choose. So, always inquire about the truck tires’ warranty before selecting a product to avoid additional expenses.

    Manufacture date
    Another critical factor to consider when buying truck tires is their manufacture date. This date is usually found on the tire in the form of four digits. The first two indicate the week it was manufactured, and the other two represent the year. Remember that truck tires older than five years are more susceptible to defects and tears. On the other hand, those built within the last five years are less likely to have problems and guarantee increased safety while on the road. Do not buy tires with a missing manufacture date or with a date that is not clearly printed.

    Tread size or depth
    According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), the minimum tread size for tires on the front wheels is 4/32 of an inch. The other tires of the truck can have a tread depth of 2/32 inches. If the depth is less than this, it can result in penalties. So, conduct a tread depth inspection before finalizing the purchase. Tires with the right tread size provide sufficient grip on the road, lowering the chances of accidents.

    Maintenance records
    Many truckers buy used tires as they provide substantial cost savings. When buying used tires, thoroughly inspect the previous owner’s maintenance records. A clean record will ensure the tires are in good condition and can be used to haul heavy loads on the road. Besides checking the maintenance records thoroughly, look for visible signs of defects like nail marks and deep scratches. These issues indicate the tires will not last long and must be avoided at all costs.

    Types of tires
    There are different types of truck tires in the market, such as max traction, all-terrain, highway, winter, and mud tires. Choose a suitable type depending on your type of truck, the terrain you drive on, and the weather conditions on your route. Consider all-terrain truck tires if you travel through different terrains and often encounter challenging conditions. They will help you transition from one terrain to another with ease.

    Tire quality
    When investing in commercial truck tires, assess their durability. Tires with soft rubber compounds provide a smooth driving experience but are more prone to wear and tear and do not prove fuel efficient. Buying such tires will require you to spend a lot of money to make the best use of them in the long run. Similarly, tires with harder compounds may have problems with traction while driving in extreme conditions. So, conduct thorough research according to your needs and wants to make an informed decision.

    DOT and UTQG rating
    In addition to the above, check whether the tires have the DOT (Department of Transportation) code. All you have to do is look for “DOT” printed on the sidewall. Some tires also have a UTQG (Uniform Tire Quality Grade) code, which provides information about their traction and temperature grades.

    These are some of the most important factors that should influence your decision when choosing truck tires. To make the best purchase, consider all your options and needs before heading to the store. Also, think about whether you should stick to your previous tire model or opt for a new company depending on your experience. You might want to look at options that increase fuel economy and provide low rolling resistance. While the best products can be expensive, they use quality materials and meet all the safety standards to keep you and your cargo safe during the journey.

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    11 Mistakes to Avoid While Renting a Car

    While buying a vehicle can be exhilarating, renting a vehicle is often more convenient and affordable. Car rentals offer flexibility to travelers and provide them with a cost-effective means of commute and travel. For such reasons, the car-rental industry in the country earned a revenue of $28.1 billion in 2021. Car renting has become an incredibly easy process, but it can be further enhanced by avoiding a few common car-renting mistakes:

    Relying on the rental company to pay tolls
    Although many car-rental companies have schemes through which they pay tolls for their clients, most of these companies charge anywhere up to $10 as administrative fees plus the toll amount. Thus, while driving a rented car, it is essential to close the toll transponder in the car and pay for tolls through online payment gateways or cash at the toll booth.

    Pre-purchasing a full tank of gas
    Often, rental companies provide clients with the option of pre-purchasing gas, i.e., getting the entire gas tank filled, so that clients need not refuel the car before they return it. However, in most cases, if the full tank is not used, clients are not paid for the residual fuel. A cost-saving strategy is to avoid pre-purchasing gas and refueling the car before returning it.

    Buying rental insurance without checking one’s credit card
    Most car rental companies offer rental car insurance to their clients for financial reimbursement of any damages. But this rental car insurance can often cost the driver anywhere up to $25 per day, which is quite expensive. Individuals whose auto insurance covers rental cars need not take any further steps to get insured. The good news is that even those without auto insurance do not have to buy rental car insurance if their credit cards offer insurance on car rentals. Many credit card companies provide such insurance at no additional charges. Hence, before renting a car, it is a good idea to check out if one’s credit card offers such benefits. One must also contact the credit card company to understand what aspects are covered in the policy. Temporary car insurance is the next best alternative.

    Not knowing about higher fees charged from young drivers
    Rental car companies typically levy exorbitant daily fees for young drivers renting their cars. This increased amount is owing to the driver’s inexperience. A cost-effective solution is to refrain from driving if one is below 21 years of age. Instead, renters may look for family members or friends who are over the age of 21, are licensed drivers, and are willing to accompany them to the destination.

    Not checking the car thoroughly before the journey
    An essential step before starting one’s journey on a rented car is to check the car thoroughly, inspecting it for any existing damages. Further, clients must take pictures of any such damages and report them promptly to the company to avoid being charged for the same. The car’s vehicle identification number (VIN) can also provide information on the car and model, helping individuals ensure that they have been provided with the model they had paid for, equipped with all the features.

    Failing to refuel the car before returning it
    Returning a rented car with a half-filled or empty tank can warrant extra charges, which are higher than the expenses one would incur for refueling the car. Hence, it is essential to return the car with a full tank to avoid such penalties.

    Not checking discount codes
    Another common car-renting mistake is to forget checking out the available discount codes. Discount codes available for specific car-rental companies can help clients save considerable amounts on their rents. Individuals who are members of specific organizations, such as AAA, can also avail of discounts on car rentals.

    Driving on unpaved roads
    Most car rental companies expect their clients to drive only on properly paved roads. This is because the risk of meeting with accidents is higher on unpaved paths. Moreover, car rental and auto insurance policies typically do not reimburse policyholders who have suffered injuries or incurred damages while driving on unpaved roads. It is always better to stick to the conventional route when driving a rented car.

    Renting a car at an airport terminal
    Surcharges apply for renting cars at airport terminals. Most rental companies pay these additional charges to the airport and demand the amount from their clients. Hence, clients cannot get away from paying these surcharges if they rent cars at airport terminals. However, the most cost-saving alternative is to rent a car outside the airport, using the airport’s shuttle service to commute within the premises.

    Not adhering to parking regulations
    Parking at a “No Parking” zone or breaking other basic parking regulations can cause one to incur hefty fines. It is best to understand the parking regulations in the destination city or town to which one is headed and follow traffic and parking signs along the way.

    Failing to return the car on time
    Car-rental companies levy delay charges for returning the car late unless the driver has a genuine reason and the delay was not in the client’s control. It is best to avoid meandering from the original plan and returning the car immediately upon completing one’s journey.

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    9 common mistakes truck drivers should avoid

    Truck driving is a physically taxing job. Truck drivers may make some typical mistakes due to their continuous driving and constant presence on the road, which could be hazardous for them and other road users. These mistakes can be expensive for trucking businesses, but more crucially, they put the driver at serious risk of harm. This article will discuss typical errors that truck drivers make and suggestions for avoiding them.

    Speed limits are not suggestions. They are laws. Speed restrictions should always be followed to keep everyone safe and avoid mishaps. Be mindful of the truck’s speed while navigating motorway curves or city streets. The imposed speed restriction can be affected by whether there is road maintenance nearby or other vehicles parked on both sides of the route, which could reduce visibility. And again, always obey driving laws.

    Ignoring traffic signs
    There is a reason for traffic signage. Even though these signs are designed to keep you safe, and on the right track, truck drivers often tend to overlook or pay less attention to them. Unfortunately, disobeying traffic signs is one of the most common blunders truck drivers make. The worst sign a truck driver can ignore is the clearance sign. If the sign says the ruck won’t fit, it won’t. Still, many drivers try their luck and get stuck.

    Not communicating with the operations manager
    If you run into a problem on the road, always contact your operations manager for assistance. They, like you, are crucial to the trucking company you work for, and they are responsible for assisting and supplying you with all you require to complete your job safely. Remember the following:

    Speak gently and precisely to ensure that they understand what you require.
    Inquire about anything you need clarification with.
    Let them know if there is a problem on the road ahead of you, such as an accident or unexpected weather, so they can plan for anticipated traffic delays and aid you in safely managing the issue.

    Not preparing yourself for the challenges ahead
    Although truck driving is physically demanding, truck drivers should be aware of potential sources of stress and how to manage or avoid them. Truck driving can be a physically, mentally, and emotionally stressful activity. Driving for long periods can be physically draining, especially if you are not well-rested or fed before your shift. When driving conditions are less than ideal, terrible weather or traffic congestion can cause annoyance, wrath, and distraction. Regardless of what’s going on in your personal life, speaking condescendingly, haughtily, or disparagingly to other truck drivers produces unnecessary arguments and influences everyone involved. Warrior Logistics’ core beliefs include treating everyone with honesty, responsibility, and professionalism.

    Truck driving is a taxing activity. You must be physically and emotionally prepared for it. To stay in peak shape, you must get enough sleep, eat right, and care for your body. Also, one must avoid driving if one is feeling under the weather. Your safety should always come first; if you work for a trucking company, it will also be their top priority.

    Not employing semi-truck roadside assistance in an emergency
    Whether you’re a colossal truck owner-operator or part of a fleet, you deserve support if things go wrong. It would help if you had a roadside help package in case of an accident, a dead battery, running out of gas, or mechanical problems. When you need a tow or a tire replacement, commercial trucks’ roadside assistance programs may be available 24 hours a day. They may even show up to give assistance if you are in an accident or to help you get into your cab if you find yourself locked out.

    Not maintaining positive communication with dispatchers or shippers/receivers
    Be courteous and professional when dealing with your dispatcher, driver management (DM), and shippers or receivers. Even though none sign your paycheck, all these people implicitly manage your workload.

    Panicking about lane changes
    If you need to change lanes, do it as soon as possible and with enough space. Otherwise, it’s usually better to wait. Switching into the passing lane may be frightening for you and incoming vehicles if there isn’t enough space for everyone. You might get stranded behind a Sunday driver doing ten miles per hour with their indicator on.

    Ignoring the trailer
    It may appear ridiculous, but people frequently forget that they are trailed by a caravan at least 28 feet long. In addition, new truck drivers are more likely to underestimate turning distances or movements because they need to be more experienced with the size of their trailer. Before turning, examine your blind spots and give yourself enough room. Of course, everyone will honk at you as you cross an intersection, but it won’t enrage them as much as a caravan running into their broadside.

    These are nine mistakes that rookie drivers typically make because they may be lacking in the second category. Fortunately, many unfavorable circumstances may be avoided with quick thought and information. When you contact us today, you can learn more about your semi-truck roadside support services options. Be cautious out there, and make sure you have a backup plan! We’ll see you out there, partner.

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    A Guide to Oil Change Specials

    Oil change forms an essential part of vehicle maintenance as well as repair services, and it is necessary for the smooth functioning of a car or truck. Generally, users are of the opinion that getting the oil changed at a specific brand’s outlets is way too expensive and hence they wait for oil change specials or coupons. However, the fact remains that not getting it changed regularly can be detrimental to the health of the vehicle and its engine in particular. For this sole reason, automobile companies roll out oil change specials on a continuous basis to prevent their customers from experiencing frequent vehicle breakdown.

    Getting the services of an ordinary mechanic just to save money is not the right idea, and it is always better to visit the company dealer where the repair and maintenance department works exclusively with that brand’s vehicles. The staff will guide you with the type of service you should opt for and the kind of oil change that is required in terms of a synthetic blend or full synthetic. They understand the needs of the vehicle as well as the customer, and they offer the best services possible. At an exclusive outlet, the customer is also given the opportunity to get customized services.

    The distance for which the vehicle is driven, the kind of driving that is involved, and the frequency of vehicle usage are factors that matter while selecting oil change specials. Rough driving would require a different type of oil as opposed to normal driving. The weather of a region also impacts when and after what intervals you should get the oil of your vehicle changed. The technician needs to be informed of every single detail that might influence his decision regarding the repair of the vehicle.

    Do not get into the hassles of changing the oil on your own as you might end up doing more harm than good. Getting it checked from an expert will also help you ascertain any other damage that might have happened internally. They will undertake a detailed examination of the vehicle, both visually and manually, to determine the efficiency of accessories as well as safety equipment. Many times, oil change specials allow you to avail a multi-point inspection without having to incur additional charges. Most companies are ASE certified meaning that their employees and staff possess the requisite qualifications and are trained to handle repair and maintenance.

    If you are a Toyota owner, you can take advantage of the following oil change specials for your vehicle. Note that many of the below-mentioned oil change specials come with a condition that limits their usage up to two different coupons in one visit.

    • When you avail services involving the change of synthetic blend oil, you get $10 off on the original price.
    • If you get any kind of oil changed, tire rotation services are provided free of cost. However, this special cannot be clubbed with the above-mentioned offer.
    • $20 less on change of (ATF) Automatic Transmission Fluid.
    • The serpentine belt can be exchanged at a discount of $10.
    • Coolant services are available at $10 off.
    • Bad odors inside the car can be removed with the help of an interior treatment called Odor Out Ozone which is offered at a special price of around $39.95.
    • If you are planning to travel and want to know the status of your vehicle’s battery, drop in at the outlet and get it checked for free.

    Make the most of these oil change specials from Toyota, and keep your car or truck in good condition. However, it is always better to call your nearest automobile dealer to check the latest oil change specials. Apart from Toyota, Jiffy Lube®, Firestone and Midas are some brands that offer oil change specials that help you save money.

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    Guidelines for Purchasing Tires from Pep Boys

    A good car deserves the right care. Tires are the most critical components of your car. So it is important that you get the best tires for your vehicle. Here are some ideas that will help you to buy tires from Pep Boys. You can choose to install two or four new tires from an auto repair store like Pep Boys. It is always recommended that you change all four tires at the same time. This helps to maintain the balance of a car and its tires. However, you can also look at replacing two tires if you can’t afford to replace all four at once.

    Changing all the four tires is important because it ensures that the construction and tread design of all tires are the same. This also means that the depth of tread and the types of tires are the same. When the features of all four tires in your car are the same, it means that the tires react to the road and driving conditions in the same way. This maintains the safety, balance, and reliability of the vehicle. Changing all four tires from branded auto service stores like Pep Boys also results in enhanced stability and better handling of the vehicle.

    Most of the times, all of the tires tend to require a change at the same time as they are likely to wear out at the same time. However, if the tires are not changed regularly, especially when it comes to a car that has a front-wheel drive, then both the tires in the front are likely to wear out after the ones at the rear.

    If you are not looking at changing all the four tires, you can consider only changing two of them. Let us look at some basic recommendations that you need to consider in such a case. Firstly, it is important to ensure that the size and construction of the old and new tires are as similar as possible. Additionally, it is important to align the tire types.

    Secondly, it is important to ensure that when you change a tire, the parallel one must change as well. It is important to change at least two tires to ensure they are aligned. When you get these two tires, they should be installed on the rear axle. This way the new tires are able to balance the vehicle better.

    Lastly, in case you replace only one tire, then you can choose one of the older tires, which has a deep tread. Then, you should install this old tire alongside the newer tire. Note that this should be on the rear axle of the car.

    What happens when you want to install two new tires at an auto service store like Pep Boys? In such a case, the tires should be installed on the rear axle. When you buy brand new tires, they tend to have deeper grooves. With the help of that, new tires are able to create better traction. They are also able to provide hydroplaning resistance. When we place fresh tires on the rear axle, it results in better control of the vehicle. This means you are able to enjoy a good drive and stay safe. In fact, placing two new tires on the rear axle works because even if the tires in front are worn out, you have enhanced control of the car. On the contrary, in case you place fresh tires on the axle located in front, the vehicle could lose its grip. This can get particularly tricky on wet roads. If that happens, there is a likelihood that the rear side of the vehicle could swing. In worse cases, it can also go out of control.

    There are a lot of things that should be considered when you want to buy tires from stores like Pep Boys. Make sure that the tires are from a reliable source. In case you are buying tires from a lesser known manufacturer, you need to understand the specifications for those manufacturers.

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    All You Need to Know About Oil Change Specials

    An oil change can a task when there are so many aspects that need to be taken care of. The most appropriate time to change, how frequently it should be changed, and the right type of oil are a few things that matter. Here is a list of considerations that you want to ponder over before getting oil change specials.

    • Inspect oil levels: It is advisable to keep a check on the oil level by reviewing it once every month. Even new vehicles should be checked from time to time to keep them in good health. Early detection of an oil leak, change in oil color or reduction in oil level is helpful for taking necessary steps in advance. These aspects can point towards other issues in the vehicle such as leakage of coolants and damage to the engine.
    • Oil change intervals: Various drivers suggest different intervals within which oil should be changed, such as once in three months or once in six months. Note that while excessive use of the vehicle causes a need for a regular oil change, not using the engine for a considerable period of time also makes the oil less efficacious. Past experiences can help, but they should not be relied upon entirely. Always consult the vehicle’s manual in order to take a more informed decision
    • Type of oil: You have to be intelligent enough to not fall prey to the mechanics’ tactics of selling expensive oils. Do a bit of research and know which one is right so that you don’t end up buying an oil that your vehicle does not require in the first place. Synthetic oil is always better, although it is more expensive since it is capable of tolerating high temperature and has a longer life.

    Today, vehicles are equipped with a system that notifies the driver when the oil needs to be changed. To encourage drivers to get the oil changed regularly, a large number of companies offer oil change specials. These are designed in a manner that increases the rate of walk-in customers and lets them get their cars serviced without hesitation. In case you are looking for oil change specials, opt from the following options offered by different brands.

    • Firestone: You can avail $15 off on standard oil change and $10 off on synthetic blend oil change if the payment is made via Visa® prepaid card. Full synthetic oil can be changed at $15 off again if paid by a Visa® card. At Firestone, while getting the oil changed, one can also get a set of tires at a discounted price. For example, four Bridgestone tires are available at $50 off. Similarly, four Firestone Destination tires are available at $40 off. Firestone FR710 can be purchased at a discount of 10%.
    • Jiffy Lube®: It is one of the most prominent brands that offer oil change specials. One can get a discount of $5 on their signature oil change service. The company has tied up with Shell and offers Platinum and Fleet cards for their regular customers. Oil change specials are available according to the user’s location and nearest Jiffy Lube® vendor.
    • Midas: A massive $20 off can be availed on a conventional oil change. Moreover, on hiring services worth $100, $200 and $300, straightaway a $10, $20 and $30 discount is provided respectively. Specials for wheel alignment and brake services are also offered by Midas.

    Therefore, do not delay the process of getting your vehicle’s oil changed since it can harm your engine in the long run and a damaged engine can prove to be very costly. At times, automobile companies make it easier for their customers to get their vehicles serviced by offering oil change services at discounted prices so that customers don’t have to look for oil change specials elsewhere. They can simply schedule an appointment and visit the service center to get their cars back in order.

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    Save Big on Your Next Car Service with Sears Tires Coupons

    Car maintenance is generally very expensive, and it is even more pricey when you have a high-end model. Apart from the regular maintenance of the car, having tires in the perfect condition is essential not just for the smooth functioning of the car but also for your safety. If you are someone who is always driving between cities and does a lot of off-roading with your trucks and jeeps, then it is essential to keep a check on the condition of your tires and get them replaced from time to time. Tires can be very expensive especially if you need to change all of them at once. Sears Auto usually has some of the best coupons that you can use for replacing your car’s tires, maintenance services, and other check-ups. They also have a range of coupons just for tires, both online and in their stores.

    Here are four of the best Sears tires coupons that you can use for your next service at Sears Auto to save some money.

    Up to $80 rebate on Goodyear tires
    Goodyear has some of the best tires in the automobile industry. Their tires are long lasting and extremely durable. While their price is not the cheapest in the market, they do offer a lot of good discounts on tires through coupons with brand tie-ups such as Sears Auto! If you are looking to purchase brand new tires for your vehicle, then this coupon is the best one for you. When you buy 4 Select Goodyear tires, with this coupon you can enjoy up to $80 rebate by using the Goodyear Prepaid MasterCard card.

    4 tires for $100
    This is another excellent savings coupon for tires from Sears. If you are looking to completely replace your old, worn out tires, then this coupon will be a lifesaver for you. For just 100 dollars, you get 4 brand new Laufenn car tires which are otherwise very expensive, especially if bought individually. Do note that this offer is valid only if you choose to go with the installation of these tires at the Sears Auto shop. This is only an online discount which means that you will need to print and present this coupon at the store when you visit.

    Free tire installation
    With this coupon, you can purchase a set of four tires from any brand and get a completely free installation service by the Sears Auto shop team! You can choose from a wide range of tire brands such as Goodyear, Michelin, Laufenn, DieHard etc. but it is important to note that all four tires need to be of the same brand. You can easily walk into any store and present your online coupon to avail the discount. You need to purchase the installation at the time of your tire purchase, otherwise, it won’t be applicable. You can’t pair this coupon with other coupons.

    4 truck tires for $200
    Truck tires are generally bigger and more expensive as compared to regular automobile and car tires. With this coupon, you can purchase four Laufenn Truck tires for just 200 dollars! This is a very good value for the price, and you must definitely use this Sears tires coupon if you are looking to replace your truck tires. Do note that is important to purchase the installation service when you buy these tires so that you qualify for the savings coupon. You can get this online discount with the help of Sears tires coupons, and you will need to print it and present it at the store to avail the discount. Also, note that this coupon cannot be combined with other tires coupons that Sears Auto offers.

  • Automotive
    Reasons to Shop for Tires at Pep Boys

    Looking for new tires for your vehicle? Pep Boys Tires is the place to be as it is one of the best places for replacing your tires.

    Pep Boys is known to have a range of tire brands that you can trust without a doubt. The premium tires at Pep Boys are known for their high-end performance, and your vehicle is likely to run smoothly once you buy a premium range of tires from Pep Boys. Expect leading brands of tires like Michelin, BFGoodrich, Pirelli, and Continental Tires at Pep Boys.

    Not only do these tires come with the guaranteed lowest price but you are likely to get special financing, lifetime tire rotation facility, and limited warranty from Pep Boys which is applicable at over 800 locations throughout the country.

    Tires at Pep Boys
    You can get some good quality Continental tires, BF Goodrich, and Pirelli tires among others at Pep Boys.  At leading outlets like Pep Boys Tires, it is assured that you will receive the best service when you head to their outlet to get any of these tires installed in your vehicle. These tires are cost-effective and Pep Boys Tires will offer you genuine discounts on the same.

    Shopping for tires by vehicle
    In the normal course of action usually, the tire installing agency recommends the tire range available with them ignoring the fact that the requirement of the vehicle might vary. At Pep Boys Tires ample care is taken to ensure that you have the right set of tires installed in your vehicle as per the model of the car. Once you tell them about the vehicle range and category, professionals will ensure that you have the best options of tires for your vehicle.

    Shopping for tires by size
    At times, the size of the tire also makes a key difference in the way, the vehicle feels while driving. We do not pay much attention to this fact while driving but at Pep Boys Tires you are likely to get a tire which fits your vehicle the best. All these tires would be from the trusted brands and therefore it is assured that these tires are likely to last longer.

    Shopping for Tires by Brand
    Some people pay attention to the brand of the tire when they get a new set of tires installed in their vehicle. If you are one of them, a visit to a leading vehicle store like Pep Boys could be your best experience. Given the diverse range of tires available with them, you are always sure of receiving the best brands and models of tires from the lot. This will go a long way in maintaining your vehicle’s road safety as well as the safety and well being of your family. Moreover, with over 800 stores throughout the country, getting any brand and model of tires is not a tough task since Pep Boys have over 16 tire brands in their stores.

    Genuine discounts offered
    Every tire dealer offers discounts to their customers to lure new ones to the store as well as to hold on to their loyal customers. Most of the times, small store owners make unjustified promises which can eventually cost a lot to the customer. However, when you decide to shop for tires from a leading store like Pep Boys, you can leave all your worries behind as such stores offer genuine discounts without any compromises.

    If you buy three tires from Pep Boys, you are likely to receive the fourth one free. This is an offer you will rarely find elsewhere. Besides offering a genuine discount on tires, Pep Boys ensures that you have a complete set of tires from them so that your complains, if any, are minimal.

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