Best reasons to choose a claw-foot tub

Clawfoot tubs made originally from cast iron and porcelain lining was considered a luxury bathroom necessity in the late 19th century. Height wise, these are big tubs that require a lot of water. When you plan to remodel your bathroom, clawfoot tubs are one of the best picks that would suit your bathroom. Unlike previous models of claw tubs, there are several modern options available with the latest technology provided. Some clawfoot tubs also have overhead shower options.

Reasons to buy a claw-foot tub
If having a sophisticated and exquisite bathroom decor is important for you, then you must consider buying a clawfoot tub. Following are some of the reasons why you should buy a clawfoot tub.

Attractive: If you want to give your bathroom a traditional and authentic look, clawfoot tubs are the best way to do that. Acrylic is the material used to make these tubs. Although the material used has changed over time, the classic look of these tubs still remains the same.

Comfortable: For those who love to spend endless hours soaking themselves in hot foam bath, clawfoot tubs are a wise choice. These tubs are contoured and constructed in such a way that they help you rest their back and recline in a comfortable manner. Compared to normal tubs, these are deeper and hold more water. They are constructed using acrylic that holds heat well. This ensures that you can take a long hot water bath without the water becoming cold too soon.

Easy to install: One of the most attractive reasons to choose clawfoot tubs is that they are easy to install. In a normal drop in tub, you have to tear open or break a wall for installing. However, in a clawfoot tub, you can simply place the tub as per your preference of location in the bathroom. This makes these tubs one of the easiest tubs to install.

Durability: Clawfoot tubs are known for their durability. There are several families who still have the classic clawfoot tubs that have been passed on by their ancestors because they are in perfect condition till date. In the earlier years, these tubs were made of cast iron and porcelain. In some shops, the traditional cast iron tubs are still available for those who prefer them.

While revamping your entire house, you would definitely want to remodel your bathroom too. Exquisite and sophisticated bathrooms are often a style icon for many. These days when it comes to choosing a tub for your bathroom, the options are limitless. Clawfoot tubs are also available in different colors and design suited to your taste and preferences. Many are fitted with a shower option for the ease of bathing. If you want a glamorous tub, then clawfoot tubs are your best choice.

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