5 Popular Free And Paid Stock Photo Websites

5 popular free and paid stock photo websites

Stock photography has gained popularity over the last few years since it is more economical to pay for photos which have already been taken rather than arrange for a complete photo shoot. Professional photographers, across borders, click images based on specific client briefs and album requirements which are then posted online for the user to purchase or even download for free.

Stock agencies have compilations of stock camera and photos sold by professional photographers which can be used for the print and digital medium, as per the client’s request. The client will pay for usage rights of the picture which will again differ on the medium of publishing within the copyright terms and conditions.

Camera and photo shots available with stock photo agencies are great compilations. Here are five of the best stock photo agencies to purchase premium clicks:


  • When it comes to offering different pricing options, Depositphotos is the best choice.
  • Pricing packs include on-demand downloads, photos which are available for monthly downloads and daily downloads depending on your needs for camera and photo stock essentials.
  • The plans are not very pricey, and the fact that these plans are flexible with a vast collection of over 49 million stock images with Depositphotos makes this agency a real favorite.

Adobe Stock

  • For people who are active in the creative cloud, Adobe Stock is the preferred option for downloading and purchasing stock camera and photo shots.
  • Users of Adobe software can browse through some of the best collections of high end and premium stock imaging.
  • Adobe offers plans which allow you to buy a single image with full rights or download bulk images every month for a package price which will be very economical.
  • Adobe stock images will be well suited to be used in various Adobe softwares like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe illustrator among many others.
  • The creative suite software allows you to search for images within, thus saving you time and efforts.


  • iStockphoto by Getty images is another popular camera and photos stock agency, also being one of the oldest since the concept of stick photography was developed.
  • A number of credit and subscriptions plans are offered to people who are in the business of buying and selling stock photos for commercial purposes over the digital medium.
  • Millions of regular images are available for purchase through these subscription plans, but you can also request for unique images to registered members.


  • A very popular and well-known stock camera and photo shots agency, which offers image credits and stock subscription offers to buyers.
  • Shutterstock happens to house one of the largest collection of royalty-free stock images with over 84 million images in their inventory but offers a slightly higher pricing option when it comes to purchasing from these high-end images.
  • Of the popular stock camera and photo shot agencies, Shutterstock’s pricing plans being on the higher end also offer flexible subscription plans tailor-made to your individual needs.


  • One of the popular choices when it comes to artistic camera and photo stocks.
  • For the past 15 years, this stock photo agency has been focusing on providing some of the best artistic and chic quality photo images.
  • These images are very different from the ones you will find with stock photo agencies normally and come at premium pricing.

A few factors that have to be taken into account before you go camera and photo stock shopping include the type of subscription plan and its inherent terms and conditions, pricing options, download and usage policies for distribution across various mediums. Normally the subscription plans and monthly download packs will have different policies attached depending on the type of payment and intended usage of the images which is why every agency will have different terms and conditions.

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